Utility classes for Mapper package.


Interface Summary
Annotations Interface that defines interface for collection of annotations.
Named Simple tag interface mostly to allow sorting by name
Provider<T> Simple helper class used for decoupling instantiation of optionally loaded handlers, like deserializers and deserializers for libraries that are only present on some platforms.

Class Summary
ArrayBuilders Helper class that contains set of distinct builders for different arrays of primitive values.
BeanUtil Helper class that contains functionality needed by both serialization and deserialization side.
Comparators Helper class for constructing objects for comparing content values
EnumResolver<T extends Enum<T>> Helper class used to resolve String values (either JSON Object field names or regular String values) into Java Enum instances.
EnumValues Helper class used for storing String serializations of enumerations.
ISO8601DateFormat Provide a fast thread-safe formatter/parser DateFormat for ISO8601 dates ONLY.
ISO8601Utils Utilities methods for manipulating dates in iso8601 format.
JSONPObject Container class that can be used to wrap any Object instances (including nulls), and will serialize embedded in JSONP wrapping.
JSONWrappedObject General-purpose wrapper class that can be used to decorate serialized value with arbitrary literal prefix and suffix.
LinkedNode<T> Node of a forward-only linked list.
LRUMap<K,V> Helper for simple bounded LRU maps used for reusing lookup values.
ObjectBuffer Helper class to use for constructing Object arrays by appending entries to create arrays of various lengths (length that is not known a priori).
PrimitiveArrayBuilder<T> Base class for specialized primitive array builders.
RootNameLookup Helper class for caching resolved root names.
StdDateFormat Default DateFormat implementation used by standard Date serializers and deserializers.

Package Description

Utility classes for Mapper package.