Class StdArraySerializers

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public class StdArraySerializers
extends Object

Dummy container class to group standard homogenous array serializer implementations (primitive arrays and String array).

Nested Class Summary
static class StdArraySerializers.ArraySerializerBase<T>
          Base class for serializers that will output contents as JSON arrays.
static class StdArraySerializers.BooleanArraySerializer
static class StdArraySerializers.ByteArraySerializer
          Unlike other integral number array serializers, we do not just print out byte values as numbers.
static class StdArraySerializers.CharArraySerializer
          Character arrays are different from other integral number arrays in that they are most likely to be textual data, and should be written as Strings, not arrays of entries.
static class StdArraySerializers.DoubleArraySerializer
static class StdArraySerializers.FloatArraySerializer
static class StdArraySerializers.IntArraySerializer
static class StdArraySerializers.LongArraySerializer
static class StdArraySerializers.ShortArraySerializer
static class StdArraySerializers.StringArraySerializer
          Standard serializer used for String[] values.
Constructor Summary
protected StdArraySerializers()
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Constructor Detail


protected StdArraySerializers()