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Packages that use SimpleModule Package that contains classes and interfaces to help implement custom extension Modules (which are registered using ObjectMapper.registerModule(

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Methods in that return SimpleModule
<T> SimpleModule
SimpleModule.addAbstractTypeMapping(Class<T> superType, Class<? extends T> subType)
          Lazily-constructed resolver used for storing mappings from abstract classes to more specific implementing classes (which may be abstract or concrete)
<T> SimpleModule
SimpleModule.addDeserializer(Class<T> type, JsonDeserializer<? extends T> deser)
 SimpleModule SimpleModule.addKeyDeserializer(Class<?> type, KeyDeserializer deser)
<T> SimpleModule
SimpleModule.addKeySerializer(Class<? extends T> type, JsonSerializer<T> ser)
<T> SimpleModule
SimpleModule.addSerializer(Class<? extends T> type, JsonSerializer<T> ser)
 SimpleModule SimpleModule.addSerializer(JsonSerializer<?> ser)
 SimpleModule SimpleModule.addValueInstantiator(Class<?> beanType, ValueInstantiator inst)
          Method for registering ValueInstantiator to use when deserializing instances of type beanType.
 SimpleModule SimpleModule.setMixInAnnotation(Class<?> targetType, Class<?> mixinClass)
          Method for specifying that annotations define by mixinClass should be "mixed in" with annotations that targetType has (as if they were directly included on it!).