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Packages that use POJOPropertiesCollector Functionality needed for Bean introspection, required for detecting accessors and mutators for Beans, as well as locating and handling method annotations. 

Uses of POJOPropertiesCollector in

Methods in that return POJOPropertiesCollector
 POJOPropertiesCollector POJOPropertiesCollector.collect()
          Method that orchestrates collection activities, and needs to be called after creating the instance.
 POJOPropertiesCollector BasicClassIntrospector.collectProperties(MapperConfig<?> config, JavaType type, ClassIntrospector.MixInResolver r, boolean forSerialization)
protected  POJOPropertiesCollector BasicClassIntrospector.constructPropertyCollector(MapperConfig<?> config, AnnotatedClass ac, JavaType type, boolean forSerialization)
          Overridable method called for creating POJOPropertiesCollector instance to use; override is needed if a custom sub-class is to be used.

Methods in with parameters of type POJOPropertiesCollector
static BasicBeanDescription BasicBeanDescription.forDeserialization(POJOPropertiesCollector coll)
          Factory method to use for constructing an instance to use for building deserializers.
static BasicBeanDescription BasicBeanDescription.forSerialization(POJOPropertiesCollector coll)
          Factory method to use for constructing an instance to use for building serializers.