Uses of Interface

Packages that use MethodFilter Functionality needed for Bean introspection, required for detecting accessors and mutators for Beans, as well as locating and handling method annotations. 

Uses of MethodFilter in

Classes in that implement MethodFilter
static class BasicClassIntrospector.GetterMethodFilter
          Deprecated. Since 1.9 just don't use
static class BasicClassIntrospector.SetterAndGetterMethodFilter
          Deprecated. Since 1.9 just don't use
static class BasicClassIntrospector.SetterMethodFilter
          Deprecated. Since 1.9 just don't use

Fields in declared as MethodFilter
protected static MethodFilter BasicClassIntrospector.MINIMAL_FILTER

Methods in that return MethodFilter
protected  MethodFilter BasicClassIntrospector.getDeserializationMethodFilter(DeserializationConfig cfg)
          Deprecated. Since 1.9 just don't use
protected  MethodFilter BasicClassIntrospector.getSerializationMethodFilter(SerializationConfig cfg)
          Deprecated. Since 1.9 just don't use

Methods in with parameters of type MethodFilter
protected  void AnnotatedClass._addMemberMethods(Class<?> cls, MethodFilter methodFilter, AnnotatedMethodMap methods, Class<?> mixInCls, AnnotatedMethodMap mixIns)
protected  void AnnotatedClass._addMethodMixIns(MethodFilter methodFilter, AnnotatedMethodMap methods, Class<?> mixInCls, AnnotatedMethodMap mixIns)
protected  boolean AnnotatedClass._isIncludableMethod(Method m, MethodFilter filter)
 void AnnotatedClass.resolveMemberMethods(MethodFilter methodFilter)
          Method for resolving member method information: aggregating all non-static methods and combining annotations (to implement method-annotation inheritance)
 void AnnotatedClass.resolveMemberMethods(MethodFilter methodFilter, boolean collectIgnored)