Class CoreXMLSerializers

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public class CoreXMLSerializers
extends Object
implements Provider<Map.Entry<Class<?>,JsonSerializer<?>>>

Provider for serializers of XML types that are part of full JDK 1.5, but that some alleged 1.5 platforms are missing (Android, GAE). And for this reason these are added using more dynamic mechanism.

Note: since many of classes defined are abstract, caller must take care not to just use straight equivalency check but rather consider subclassing as well.


Nested Class Summary
static class CoreXMLSerializers.XMLGregorianCalendarSerializer
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Collection<Map.Entry<Class<?>,JsonSerializer<?>>> provide()
          Method used to request provider to provide entries it has
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Constructor Detail


public CoreXMLSerializers()
Method Detail


public Collection<Map.Entry<Class<?>,JsonSerializer<?>>> provide()
Description copied from interface: Provider
Method used to request provider to provide entries it has

Specified by:
provide in interface Provider<Map.Entry<Class<?>,JsonSerializer<?>>>