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org.codehaus.jackson Main public API classes of the core streaming JSON processor: most importantly JsonFactory used for constructing JSON parser (JsonParser) and generator (JsonParser) instances. 
org.codehaus.jackson.impl Parser and generator implementation classes that Jackson defines and uses. Contains basic mapper (conversion) functionality that allows for converting between regular streaming json content and Java objects (beans or Tree Model: support for both is via ObjectMapper class, as well as convenience methods included in JsonParser 
org.codehaus.jackson.node Contains concrete JsonNode implementations Jackson uses for the Tree model. Package that contains experimental implementation of "Binary-Encoded JSON-Like" data format handlers (parser, generator, factory produce both, supporting constants). 
org.codehaus.jackson.util Utility classes used by Jackson Core functionality. 

Uses of Base64Variant in org.codehaus.jackson

Fields in org.codehaus.jackson declared as Base64Variant
static Base64Variant Base64Variants.MIME
          This variant is what most people would think of "the standard" Base64 encoding.
static Base64Variant Base64Variants.MIME_NO_LINEFEEDS
          Slightly non-standard modification of Base64Variants.MIME which does not use linefeeds (max line length set to infinite).
static Base64Variant Base64Variants.MODIFIED_FOR_URL
          This non-standard variant is usually used when encoded data needs to be passed via URLs (such as part of GET request).
static Base64Variant Base64Variants.PEM
          This variant is the one that predates Base64Variants.MIME: it is otherwise identical, except that it mandates shorter line length.

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson that return Base64Variant
static Base64Variant Base64Variants.getDefaultVariant()
          Method used to get the default variant ("MIME_NO_LINEFEEDS") for cases where caller does not explicitly specify the variant.

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson with parameters of type Base64Variant
abstract  byte[] JsonParser.getBinaryValue(Base64Variant b64variant)
          Method that can be used to read (and consume -- results may not be accessible using other methods after the call) base64-encoded binary data included in the current textual JSON value.
abstract  void JsonGenerator.writeBinary(Base64Variant b64variant, byte[] data, int offset, int len)
          Method that will output given chunk of binary data as base64 encoded, as a complete String value (surrounded by double quotes).

Constructors in org.codehaus.jackson with parameters of type Base64Variant
Base64Variant(Base64Variant base, String name, boolean usesPadding, char paddingChar, int maxLineLength)
          "Copy constructor" that can be used when the base alphabet is identical to one used by another variant, but other details (padding, maximum line length) differ
Base64Variant(Base64Variant base, String name, int maxLineLength)
          "Copy constructor" that can be used when the base alphabet is identical to one used by another variant except for the maximum line length (and obviously, name).

Uses of Base64Variant in org.codehaus.jackson.impl

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson.impl with parameters of type Base64Variant
protected  byte[] Utf8StreamParser._decodeBase64(Base64Variant b64variant)
          Efficient handling for incremental parsing of base64-encoded textual content.
protected  byte[] ReaderBasedParser._decodeBase64(Base64Variant b64variant)
          Efficient handling for incremental parsing of base64-encoded textual content.
protected  void JsonParserMinimalBase._decodeBase64(String str, ByteArrayBuilder builder, Base64Variant b64variant)
          Helper method that can be used for base64 decoding in cases where encoded content has already been read as a String.
protected  int JsonParserBase._decodeBase64Escape(Base64Variant b64variant, char ch, int index)
protected  int JsonParserBase._decodeBase64Escape(Base64Variant b64variant, int ch, int index)
protected  void JsonParserMinimalBase._reportInvalidBase64(Base64Variant b64variant, char ch, int bindex, String msg)
protected  void WriterBasedGenerator._writeBinary(Base64Variant b64variant, byte[] input, int inputPtr, int inputEnd)
protected  void Utf8Generator._writeBinary(Base64Variant b64variant, byte[] input, int inputPtr, int inputEnd)
 byte[] Utf8StreamParser.getBinaryValue(Base64Variant b64variant)
 byte[] ReaderBasedParser.getBinaryValue(Base64Variant b64variant)
abstract  byte[] JsonParserMinimalBase.getBinaryValue(Base64Variant b64variant)
protected  IllegalArgumentException JsonParserBase.reportInvalidBase64Char(Base64Variant b64variant, int ch, int bindex)
protected  IllegalArgumentException JsonParserBase.reportInvalidBase64Char(Base64Variant b64variant, int ch, int bindex, String msg)
 void WriterBasedGenerator.writeBinary(Base64Variant b64variant, byte[] data, int offset, int len)
 void Utf8Generator.writeBinary(Base64Variant b64variant, byte[] data, int offset, int len)

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Methods in that return Base64Variant
 Base64Variant DeserializationContext.getBase64Variant()
          Convenience method for accessing the default Base64 encoding used for decoding base64 encoded binary content.
 Base64Variant DeserializationConfig.getBase64Variant()
          Method called during deserialization if Base64 encoded content needs to be decoded.

Uses of Base64Variant in org.codehaus.jackson.node

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson.node with parameters of type Base64Variant
protected  void TextNode._reportInvalidBase64(Base64Variant b64variant, char ch, int bindex)
protected  void TextNode._reportInvalidBase64(Base64Variant b64variant, char ch, int bindex, String msg)
 byte[] TreeTraversingParser.getBinaryValue(Base64Variant b64variant)
 byte[] TextNode.getBinaryValue(Base64Variant b64variant)
          Method for accessing textual contents assuming they were base64 encoded; if so, they are decoded and resulting binary data is returned.

Uses of Base64Variant in

Methods in with parameters of type Base64Variant
protected  byte[] SmileParser._decodeBase64(Base64Variant b64variant)
 byte[] SmileParser.getBinaryValue(Base64Variant b64variant)
 void SmileGenerator.writeBinary(Base64Variant b64variant, byte[] data, int offset, int len)

Uses of Base64Variant in org.codehaus.jackson.util

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson.util with parameters of type Base64Variant
 byte[] TokenBuffer.Parser.getBinaryValue(Base64Variant b64variant)
 byte[] JsonParserDelegate.getBinaryValue(Base64Variant b64variant)
 void TokenBuffer.writeBinary(Base64Variant b64variant, byte[] data, int offset, int len)
 void JsonGeneratorDelegate.writeBinary(Base64Variant b64variant, byte[] data, int offset, int len)