Class Summary
AsArraySerializerBase<T> Base class for serializers that will output contents as JSON arrays; typically serializers used for Collection and array types.
BeanSerializerBase Base class both for the standard bean serializer, and couple of variants that only differ in small details.
CalendarSerializer Standard serializer for Calendar.
CollectionSerializer Fallback serializer for cases where Collection is not known to be of type for which more specializer serializer exists (such as index-accessible List).
ContainerSerializerBase<T> Intermediate base class for types that contain element(s) of other types.
DateSerializer For efficiency, we will serialize Dates as longs, instead of potentially more readable Strings.
EnumMapSerializer Specialized serializer for EnumMaps.
EnumSerializer Standard serializer used for Enum types.
IndexedStringListSerializer Efficient implement for serializing Lists that contains Strings and are random-accessible.
InetAddressSerializer Simple serializer for InetAddress.
JsonValueSerializer Serializer class that can serialize Object that have a JsonValue annotation to indicate that serialization should be done by calling the method annotated, and serializing result it returns.
MapSerializer Standard serializer implementation for serializing {link java.util.Map} types.
NonTypedScalarSerializerBase<T> Intermediate base class for limited number of scalar types that should never include type information.
NullSerializer This is a simple dummy serializer that will just output literal JSON null value whenever serialization is requested.
ObjectArraySerializer Generic serializer for Object arrays (Object[]).
RawSerializer<T> This is a simple dummy serializer that will just output raw values by calling toString() on value to serialize.
SerializableSerializer Generic handler for types that implement JsonSerializable.
SerializableWithTypeSerializer Generic handler for types that implement JsonSerializableWithType.
SerializerBase<T> Base class used by all standard serializers.
StaticListSerializerBase<T extends Collection<?>> Intermediate base class for Lists, Collections and Arrays that contain static (non-dynamic) value types.
StdArraySerializers Dummy container class to group standard homogenous array serializer implementations (primitive arrays and String array).
StdArraySerializers.ArraySerializerBase<T> Base class for serializers that will output contents as JSON arrays.
StdArraySerializers.ByteArraySerializer Unlike other integral number array serializers, we do not just print out byte values as numbers.
StdArraySerializers.CharArraySerializer Character arrays are different from other integral number arrays in that they are most likely to be textual data, and should be written as Strings, not arrays of entries.
StdArraySerializers.StringArraySerializer Standard serializer used for String[] values.
StdContainerSerializers Dummy container class to group standard container serializers: serializers that can serialize things like Lists, Maps and such.
StdContainerSerializers.IndexedListSerializer This is an optimized serializer for Lists that can be efficiently traversed by index (as opposed to others, such as LinkedList that can not}.
StdJdkSerializers Class that providers access to serializers user for non-structured JDK types that are serializer as scalars; some using basic ToStringSerializer, others explicit serializers.
StdJdkSerializers.ClassSerializer Also: default bean access will not do much good with Class.class.
StdJdkSerializers.FileSerializer For now, File objects get serialized by just outputting absolute (but not canonical) name as String value
StdKeySerializer Specialized serializer that can be used as the generic key serializer, when serializing Maps to JSON Objects.
StringCollectionSerializer Efficient implement for serializing Collections that contain Strings.
StringSerializer This is the special serializer for regular Strings.
TokenBufferSerializer We also want to directly support serialization of TokenBuffer; and since it is part of core package, it can not implement JsonSerializable (which is only included in the mapper package)
ToStringSerializer Simple general purpose serializer, useful for any type for which Object.toString() returns the desired JSON value.