Class StdDeserializer.AtomicReferenceDeserializer

  extended by<T>
      extended by<T>
          extended by<AtomicReference<?>>
              extended by
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public static class StdDeserializer.AtomicReferenceDeserializer
extends StdScalarDeserializer<AtomicReference<?>>
implements ResolvableDeserializer

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StdDeserializer.AtomicBooleanDeserializer, StdDeserializer.AtomicReferenceDeserializer, StdDeserializer.BigDecimalDeserializer, StdDeserializer.BigIntegerDeserializer, StdDeserializer.BooleanDeserializer, StdDeserializer.ByteDeserializer, StdDeserializer.CalendarDeserializer, StdDeserializer.CharacterDeserializer, StdDeserializer.ClassDeserializer, StdDeserializer.DoubleDeserializer, StdDeserializer.FloatDeserializer, StdDeserializer.IntegerDeserializer, StdDeserializer.LongDeserializer, StdDeserializer.NumberDeserializer, StdDeserializer.PrimitiveOrWrapperDeserializer<T>, StdDeserializer.ShortDeserializer, StdDeserializer.SqlDateDeserializer, StdDeserializer.StackTraceElementDeserializer, StdDeserializer.StringDeserializer, StdDeserializer.TokenBufferDeserializer
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Field Summary
protected  BeanProperty _property
protected  JavaType _referencedType
          Type of value that we reference
protected  JsonDeserializer<?> _valueDeserializer
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Constructor Summary
StdDeserializer.AtomicReferenceDeserializer(JavaType referencedType, BeanProperty property)
Method Summary
 AtomicReference<?> deserialize(JsonParser jp, DeserializationContext ctxt)
          Method that can be called to ask implementation to deserialize json content into the value type this serializer handles.
 void resolve(DeserializationConfig config, DeserializerProvider provider)
          Method called after DeserializerProvider has registered the deserializer, but before it has returned it to the caller.
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_parseBoolean, _parseBooleanPrimitive, _parseDate, _parseDouble, _parseDoublePrimitive, _parseFloat, _parseFloatPrimitive, _parseInteger, _parseIntPrimitive, _parseLong, _parseLongPrimitive, _parseShort, _parseShortPrimitive, findDeserializer, getValueClass, getValueType, handleUnknownProperty, isDefaultSerializer, parseDouble, reportUnknownProperty
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deserialize, getNullValue
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Field Detail


protected final JavaType _referencedType
Type of value that we reference


protected final BeanProperty _property


protected JsonDeserializer<?> _valueDeserializer
Constructor Detail


public StdDeserializer.AtomicReferenceDeserializer(JavaType referencedType,
                                                   BeanProperty property)
referencedType - Parameterization of this reference
Method Detail


public AtomicReference<?> deserialize(JsonParser jp,
                                      DeserializationContext ctxt)
                               throws IOException,
Description copied from class: JsonDeserializer
Method that can be called to ask implementation to deserialize json content into the value type this serializer handles. Returned instance is to be constructed by method itself.

Pre-condition for this method is that the parser points to the first event that is part of value to deserializer (and which is never Json 'null' literal, more on this below): for simple types it may be the only value; and for structured types the Object start marker. Post-condition is that the parser will point to the last event that is part of deserialized value (or in case deserialization fails, event that was not recognized or usable, which may be the same event as the one it pointed to upon call).

Note that this method is never called for JSON null literal, and thus deserializers need (and should) not check for it.

Specified by:
deserialize in class JsonDeserializer<AtomicReference<?>>
jp - Parsed used for reading Json content
ctxt - Context that can be used to access information about this deserialization activity.
Deserializer value


public void resolve(DeserializationConfig config,
                    DeserializerProvider provider)
             throws JsonMappingException
Description copied from interface: ResolvableDeserializer
Method called after DeserializerProvider has registered the deserializer, but before it has returned it to the caller. Called object can then resolve its dependencies to other types, including self-references (direct or indirect).

Specified by:
resolve in interface ResolvableDeserializer
provider - Provider that has constructed deserializer this method is called on.