Uses of Class

Packages that use BeanSerializer Contains implementation classes of serialization part of data binding. 

Uses of BeanSerializer in

Methods in that return BeanSerializer
 BeanSerializer BeanSerializerBuilder.createDummy()
          Factory method for constructing an "empty" serializer; one that outputs no properties (but handles JSON objects properly, including type information)
static BeanSerializer BeanSerializer.createDummy(Class<?> forType)
          Method for constructing dummy bean deserializer; one that never outputs any properties
 BeanSerializer BeanSerializer.withFiltered(BeanPropertyWriter[] filtered)
          Deprecated. Since 1.7 BeanSerializerBuilder should be used, so that no copy-methods are not needed

Constructors in with parameters of type BeanSerializer
BeanSerializer(BeanSerializer src)
          Copy-constructor that is useful for sub-classes that just want to copy all super-class properties without modifications.