Class StdSerializers

  extended by

public class StdSerializers
extends Object

Container class for serializers used for handling standard JDK-provided types


Nested Class Summary
static class StdSerializers.BooleanSerializer
          Serializer used for primitive boolean, as well as java.util.Boolean wrapper type.
static class StdSerializers.CalendarSerializer
          For time values we should use timestamp, since that is about the only thing that can be reliably converted between date-based objects and json.
static class StdSerializers.DoubleSerializer
          This is the special serializer for regular Doubles (and primitive doubles)
static class StdSerializers.FloatSerializer
static class StdSerializers.IntegerSerializer
          This is the special serializer for regular Integers (and primitive ints)
static class StdSerializers.IntLikeSerializer
          Similar to StdSerializers.IntegerSerializer, but will not cast to Integer: instead, cast is to Number, and conversion is by calling Number.intValue().
static class StdSerializers.LongSerializer
protected static class StdSerializers.NonTypedScalarSerializer<T>
          Intermediate base class for limited number of scalar types that should never include type information.
static class StdSerializers.NumberSerializer
          As a fallback, we may need to use this serializer for other types of Numbers (custom types).
static class StdSerializers.SerializableSerializer
          Generic handler for types that implement JsonSerializable.
static class StdSerializers.SerializableWithTypeSerializer
          Generic handler for types that implement JsonSerializableWithType.
static class StdSerializers.SqlDateSerializer
          Compared to regular StdSerializers.UtilDateSerializer, we do use String representation here.
static class StdSerializers.SqlTimeSerializer
static class StdSerializers.StringSerializer
          This is the special serializer for regular Strings.
static class StdSerializers.TokenBufferSerializer
          We also want to directly support serialization of TokenBuffer; and since it is part of core package, it can not implement JsonSerializable (which is only included in the mapper package)
static class StdSerializers.UtilDateSerializer
          For efficiency, we will serialize Dates as longs, instead of potentially more readable Strings.
Constructor Summary
protected StdSerializers()
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


protected StdSerializers()