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Packages that use SerializableString
org.codehaus.jackson Main public API classes of the core streaming JSON processor: most importantly JsonFactory used for constructing JSON parser (JsonParser) and generator (JsonParser) instances. 
org.codehaus.jackson.impl Parser and generator implementation classes that Jackson defines and uses. This package contains I/O helper classes Jackson itself uses, but that are not exposed for external reuse. Package that contains experimental implementation of "Binary-Encoded JSON-Like" data format handlers (parser, generator, factory produce both, supporting constants). 
org.codehaus.jackson.util Utility classes used by Jackson Core functionality. 

Uses of SerializableString in org.codehaus.jackson

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson with parameters of type SerializableString
 void JsonGenerator.writeFieldName(SerializableString name)
          Method similar to JsonGenerator.writeFieldName(String), main difference being that it may perform better as some of processing (such as quoting of certain characters, or encoding into external encoding if supported by generator) can be done just once and reused for later calls.
 void JsonGenerator.writeString(SerializableString text)
          Method similar to JsonGenerator.writeString(String), but that takes SerializableString which can make this potentially more efficient to call as generator may be able to reuse quoted and/or encoded representation.

Uses of SerializableString in org.codehaus.jackson.impl

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson.impl with parameters of type SerializableString
protected  void Utf8Generator._writeFieldName(SerializableString name)
 void WriterBasedGenerator._writeFieldName(SerializableString name, boolean commaBefore)
protected  void WriterBasedGenerator._writePPFieldName(SerializableString name, boolean commaBefore)
protected  void Utf8Generator._writePPFieldName(SerializableString name, boolean commaBefore)
 void WriterBasedGenerator.writeFieldName(SerializableString name)
 void Utf8Generator.writeFieldName(SerializableString name)
 void WriterBasedGenerator.writeString(SerializableString sstr)
 void Utf8Generator.writeString(SerializableString text)

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Classes in that implement SerializableString
 class SerializedString
          String token that can lazily serialize String contained and then reuse that serialization later on.

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Methods in with parameters of type SerializableString
protected  void SmileGenerator._writeFieldName(SerializableString name)
protected  void SmileGenerator._writeFieldNameUnicode(SerializableString name, byte[] bytes)
 void SmileGenerator.writeFieldName(SerializableString name)
 void SmileGenerator.writeString(SerializableString sstr)

Uses of SerializableString in org.codehaus.jackson.util

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson.util with parameters of type SerializableString
 void TokenBuffer.writeFieldName(SerializableString name)
 void JsonGeneratorDelegate.writeFieldName(SerializableString name)
 void TokenBuffer.writeString(SerializableString text)
 void JsonGeneratorDelegate.writeString(SerializableString text)