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Packages that use ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap Contains implementation classes of serialization part of data binding. 

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Fields in declared as ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap
protected  ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap StdSerializerProvider._knownSerializers
          For fast lookups, we will have a local non-shared read-only map that contains serializers previously fetched.

Methods in that return ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap
static ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap.from(HashMap<ClassKey,JsonSerializer<Object>> src)
          Factory method for creating the "blueprint" lookup map.
 ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap SerializerCache.getReadOnlyLookupMap()
          Method that can be called to get a read-only instance populated from the most recent version of the shared lookup Map.
 ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap.instance()