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Packages that use SerializationConfig Contains basic mapper (conversion) functionality that allows for converting between regular streaming json content and Java objects (beans or Tree Model: support for both is via ObjectMapper class, as well as convenience methods included in JsonParser Functionality needed for Bean introspection, required for detecting accessors and mutators for Beans, as well as locating and handling method annotations. Contains implementation classes of serialization part of data binding. 

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Fields in declared as SerializationConfig
protected  SerializationConfig SerializerProvider._config
protected  SerializationConfig ObjectMapper._serializationConfig
          Configuration object that defines basic global settings for the serialization process

Methods in that return SerializationConfig
 SerializationConfig ObjectMapper.copySerializationConfig()
          Method that creates a copy of the shared default SerializationConfig object that defines configuration settings for serialization.
 SerializationConfig SerializationConfig.createUnshared()
          Method that is called to create a non-shared copy of the configuration to be used for a serialization operation.
 SerializationConfig SerializerProvider.getConfig()
 SerializationConfig ObjectMapper.getSerializationConfig()
          Method that returns the shared default SerializationConfig object that defines configuration settings for serialization.

Methods in with parameters of type SerializationConfig
<T> JsonSerializer<T>
SerializerFactory.createSerializer(Class<T> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Method called to create (or, for completely immutable serializers, reuse) a serializer for given type.
abstract  T ClassIntrospector.forSerialization(SerializationConfig cfg, Class<?> c, ClassIntrospector.MixInResolver r)
          Factory method that constructs an introspector that has all information needed for serialization purposes.
 JsonSchema ObjectMapper.generateJsonSchema(Class<?> t, SerializationConfig cfg)
          Generate Json-schema instance for specified class, using specific serialization configuration
abstract  JsonSchema SerializerProvider.generateJsonSchema(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config, SerializerFactory jsf)
          Generate Json-schema for given type.
abstract  boolean SerializerProvider.hasSerializerFor(SerializationConfig cfg, Class<?> cls, SerializerFactory jsf)
          Method that can be called to see if this serializer provider can find a serializer for an instance of given class.
abstract  void SerializerProvider.serializeValue(SerializationConfig cfg, JsonGenerator jgen, Object value, SerializerFactory jsf)
          The method to be called by ObjectMapper to execute recursive serialization, using serializers that this provider has access to.
 ObjectMapper ObjectMapper.setSerializationConfig(SerializationConfig cfg)
          Method for replacing the shared default serialization configuration object.
 void ObjectMapper.writeTree(JsonGenerator jgen, JsonNode rootNode, SerializationConfig cfg)
          Method to serialize given Json Tree, using generator provided.
 void ObjectMapper.writeValue(JsonGenerator jgen, Object value, SerializationConfig config)
          Method that can be used to serialize any Java value as Json output, using provided JsonGenerator, configured as per passed configuration object.

Constructors in with parameters of type SerializationConfig
ObjectMapper(JsonFactory jf, SerializerProvider sp, DeserializerProvider dp, SerializationConfig sconfig, DeserializationConfig dconfig)
SerializationConfig(SerializationConfig src, HashMap<ClassKey,Class<?>> mixins)
SerializerProvider(SerializationConfig config)

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Methods in with parameters of type SerializationConfig
 BasicBeanDescription BasicClassIntrospector.forSerialization(SerializationConfig cfg, Class<?> c, ClassIntrospector.MixInResolver r)
protected  MethodFilter BasicClassIntrospector.getSerializationMethodFilter(SerializationConfig cfg)
          Helper method for getting access to filter that only guarantees that methods used for serialization are to be included.

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Methods in with parameters of type SerializationConfig
protected  JsonSerializer<?> BasicSerializerFactory.buildMapSerializer(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Helper method that handles configuration details when constructing serializers for Map types.
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> BeanSerializerFactory.constructBeanSerializer(SerializationConfig config, BasicBeanDescription beanDesc)
protected  PropertyBuilder BeanSerializerFactory.constructPropertyBuilder(SerializationConfig config, BasicBeanDescription beanDesc)
protected  StdSerializerProvider StdSerializerProvider.createInstance(SerializationConfig config, SerializerFactory jsf)
          Overridable method, used to create a non-blueprint instances from the blueprint.
<T> JsonSerializer<T>
CustomSerializerFactory.createSerializer(Class<T> type, SerializationConfig config)
<T> JsonSerializer<T>
BeanSerializerFactory.createSerializer(Class<T> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Main serializer constructor method.
<T> JsonSerializer<T>
BasicSerializerFactory.createSerializer(Class<T> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Main serializer constructor method.
protected  List<BeanPropertyWriter> BeanSerializerFactory.filterBeanProperties(SerializationConfig config, BasicBeanDescription beanDesc, List<BeanPropertyWriter> props)
          Overridable method that can filter out properties.
protected  List<BeanPropertyWriter> BeanSerializerFactory.findBeanProperties(SerializationConfig config, BasicBeanDescription beanDesc)
          Method used to collect all actual serializable properties.
 JsonSerializer<Object> BeanSerializerFactory.findBeanSerializer(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Method that will try to construct a BeanSerializer for given class.
 JsonSerializer<?> BasicSerializerFactory.findSerializerByAddonType(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Reflection-based serialized find method, which checks if given class implements one of recognized "add-on" interfaces.
 JsonSerializer<?> BasicSerializerFactory.findSerializerByLookup(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Fast lookup-based accessor method, which will only check for type itself, but not consider super-classes or implemented interfaces.
 JsonSerializer<?> BasicSerializerFactory.findSerializerByPrimaryType(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Reflection-based serialized find method, which checks if given class is a sub-type of one of well-known classes, or implements a "primary" interface.
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> BasicSerializerFactory.findSerializerFromAnnotation(SerializationConfig config, Annotated a)
          Helper method called to check if a class or method has an annotation (@link that tells the class to use for serialization.
 JsonSchema StdSerializerProvider.generateJsonSchema(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config, SerializerFactory jsf)
 boolean StdSerializerProvider.hasSerializerFor(SerializationConfig config, Class<?> cls, SerializerFactory jsf)
protected  BeanSerializer BeanSerializerFactory.processViews(SerializationConfig config, BasicBeanDescription beanDesc, BeanSerializer ser, List<BeanPropertyWriter> props)
          Method called to handle view information for constructed serializer, based on bean property writers.
 void StdSerializerProvider.serializeValue(SerializationConfig config, JsonGenerator jgen, Object value, SerializerFactory jsf)
protected  List<BeanPropertyWriter> BeanSerializerFactory.sortBeanProperties(SerializationConfig config, BasicBeanDescription beanDesc, List<BeanPropertyWriter> props)
          Overridable method that will impose given partial ordering on list of discovered propertied.
protected  boolean BeanSerializerFactory.usesStaticTyping(SerializationConfig config, BasicBeanDescription beanDesc)
          Helper method to check whether global settings and/or class annotations for the bean class indicate that static typing (declared types) should be used for properties.

Constructors in with parameters of type SerializationConfig
PropertyBuilder(SerializationConfig config, BasicBeanDescription beanDesc)
StdSerializerProvider(SerializationConfig config, StdSerializerProvider src, SerializerFactory f)
          "Copy-constructor", used from StdSerializerProvider.createInstance(, (or by sub-classes)