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Packages that use JsonSerializer Contains basic mapper (conversion) functionality that allows for converting between regular streaming json content and Java objects (beans or Tree Model: support for both is via ObjectMapper class, as well as convenience methods included in JsonParser Contains extended support for "external" packages: things that may or may not be present in runtime environment, but that are commonly enough used so that explicit support can be added. Functionality needed for Bean introspection, required for detecting accessors and mutators for Beans, as well as locating and handling method annotations. Contains implementation classes of serialization part of data binding. 
org.codehaus.jackson.xc Package that contains Xml Compatibility functionality for Jackson. 

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static class JsonSerializer.None
          This marker class is only to be used with annotations, to indicate that no serializer is configured.

Methods in that return JsonSerializer
<T> JsonSerializer<T>
SerializerFactory.createSerializer(Class<T> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Method called to create (or, for completely immutable serializers, reuse) a serializer for given type.
abstract  JsonSerializer<Object> SerializerProvider.findValueSerializer(Class<?> type)
          Method called to get hold of a serializer for a value of given type; or if no such serializer can be found, a default handler (which may do a best-effort generic serialization or just simply throw an exception when invoked).
abstract  JsonSerializer<Object> SerializerProvider.getKeySerializer()
          Method called to get the serializer to use for serializing non-null Map keys.
abstract  JsonSerializer<Object> SerializerProvider.getNullKeySerializer()
          Method called to get the serializer to use for serializing Map keys that are nulls: this is needed since Json does not allow any non-String value as key, including null.
abstract  JsonSerializer<Object> SerializerProvider.getNullValueSerializer()
          Method called to get the serializer to use for serializing values (root level, Array members or List field values) that are nulls.
abstract  JsonSerializer<Object> SerializerProvider.getUnknownTypeSerializer(Class<?> unknownType)
          Method called to get the serializer to use if provider can not determine an actual type-specific serializer to use; typically when none of SerializerFactory instances are able to construct a serializer.

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 class DOMSerializer
static class JodaSerializers.DateTimeSerializer

Methods in that return types with arguments of type JsonSerializer
 Collection<Map.Entry<Class<?>,JsonSerializer<?>>> CoreXMLSerializers.provide()
 Collection<Map.Entry<Class<?>,JsonSerializer<?>>> JodaSerializers.provide()

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Methods in that return types with arguments of type JsonSerializer
 Class<? extends JsonSerializer<?>> JacksonAnnotationIntrospector.findSerializer(Annotated a)

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Subclasses of JsonSerializer in
static class ArraySerializers.BooleanArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.ByteArraySerializer
          Unlike other integral number array serializers, we do not just print out byte values as numbers.
static class ArraySerializers.CharArraySerializer
          Character arrays are different from other integral number arrays in that they are most likely to be textual data, and should be written as Strings, not arrays of entries.
static class ArraySerializers.DoubleArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.FloatArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.IntArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.LongArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.ObjectArraySerializer
          Generic serializer for Object arrays (Object[]).
static class ArraySerializers.ShortArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.StringArraySerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.BooleanSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.CalendarSerializer
          For time values we should use timestamp, since that is about the only thing that can be reliably converted between date-based objects and json.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.ClassSerializer
          Also: default bean access will not do much good with Class.class.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.DoubleSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.FloatSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.IntegerSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.IntLikeSerializer
          Similar to BasicSerializerFactory.IntegerSerializer, but will not cast to Integer: instead, cast is to Number, and conversion is by calling Number.intValue().
static class BasicSerializerFactory.LongSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.NullSerializer
          To allow for special handling for null values (in Objects, Arrays, root-level), handling for nulls is done via serializers too.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.NumberSerializer
          As a fallback, we may need to use this serializer for other types of Numbers (custom types).
static class BasicSerializerFactory.SerializableSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.SqlDateSerializer
          Compared to regular BasicSerializerFactory.UtilDateSerializer, we do use String representation here.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.SqlTimeSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.StringSerializer
          This is the special serializer for regular Strings.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.UtilDateSerializer
          For efficiency, we will serialize Dates as longs, instead of potentially more readable Strings.
 class BeanSerializer
          Serializer class that can serialize arbitrary bean objects.
static class ContainerSerializers.CollectionSerializer
          Fallback serializer for cases where Collection is not known to be of type for which more specializer serializer exists (such as index-accessible List).
static class ContainerSerializers.EnumMapSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.EnumSetSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.IndexedListSerializer
          This is an optimizied serializer for Lists that can be efficiently traversed by index (as opposed to others, such as LinkedList that can not}.
static class ContainerSerializers.IterableSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.IteratorSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.MapSerializer
          Deprecated. Since 1.4, please use the non-inner class MapSerializer instead. s
 class EnumSerializer
 class FailingSerializer
          Special bogus "serializer" that will throw JsonGenerationException if its FailingSerializer.serialize(java.lang.Object, org.codehaus.jackson.JsonGenerator, gets invoeked.
static class JdkSerializers.FileSerializer
          For now, File objects get serialized by just outputting absolute (but not canonical) name as String value
 class JsonValueSerializer
          Serializer class that can serialize Object that have a JsonValue annotation to indicate that serialization should be done by calling the method annotated, and serializing result it returns.
 class MapSerializer
          Standard serializer implementation for serializing {link java.util.Map} types.
 class SerializerBase<T>
          Base class used by all standard serializers.
 class StdKeySerializer
          Specialized serializer that can be used as the generic key serializer, when serializing Maps to Json Objects.
 class ToStringSerializer
          Simple general purpose serializer, useful for any type for which Object.toString() returns the desired Json value.

Fields in declared as JsonSerializer
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider._keySerializer
          Serializer used to output non-null keys of Maps (which will get output as Json Objects).
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider._nullKeySerializer
          Serializer used to (try to) output a null key, due to an entry of Map having null key.
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider._nullValueSerializer
          Serializer used to output a null value.
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> BeanPropertyWriter._serializer
          Serializer to use for writing out the value: null if it can not be known statically; non-null if it can.
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider._unknownTypeSerializer
          Serializer that gets called for values of types for which no serializers can be constructed.
static JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider.DEFAULT_KEY_SERIALIZER
static JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider.DEFAULT_NULL_KEY_SERIALIZER
static JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider.DEFAULT_UNKNOWN_SERIALIZER

Methods in that return JsonSerializer
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider._createAndCacheSerializer(Class<?> type)
          Method that will try to construct a value aerializer; and if one is succesfully created, cache it for reuse.
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider._createSerializer(Class<?> type)
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider._findExplicitSerializer(Class<?> type)
          Method that will try to find a serializer, either from cache or by constructing one; but will not return an "unknown" serializer if this can not be done but rather returns null.
protected  JsonSerializer<?> BasicSerializerFactory.buildMapSerializer(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Helper method that handles configuration details when constructing serializers for Map types.
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> BeanSerializerFactory.constructBeanSerializer(SerializationConfig config, BasicBeanDescription beanDesc)
<T> JsonSerializer<T>
CustomSerializerFactory.createSerializer(Class<T> type, SerializationConfig config)
<T> JsonSerializer<T>
BeanSerializerFactory.createSerializer(Class<T> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Main serializer constructor method.
<T> JsonSerializer<T>
BasicSerializerFactory.createSerializer(Class<T> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Main serializer constructor method.
 JsonSerializer<Object> BeanSerializerFactory.findBeanSerializer(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Method that will try to construct a BeanSerializer for given class.
 JsonSerializer<Object> SerializerCache.findSerializer(Class<?> type)
          Method that checks if the shared (and hence, synchronized) lookup Map might have the serializer already.
 JsonSerializer<?> BasicSerializerFactory.findSerializerByAddonType(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Reflection-based serialized find method, which checks if given class implements one of recognized "add-on" interfaces.
 JsonSerializer<?> BasicSerializerFactory.findSerializerByLookup(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Fast lookup-based accessor method, which will only check for type itself, but not consider super-classes or implemented interfaces.
 JsonSerializer<?> BasicSerializerFactory.findSerializerByPrimaryType(Class<?> type, SerializationConfig config)
          Reflection-based serialized find method, which checks if given class is a sub-type of one of well-known classes, or implements a "primary" interface.
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> BasicSerializerFactory.findSerializerFromAnnotation(SerializationConfig config, Annotated a)
          Helper method called to check if a class or method has an annotation (@link that tells the class to use for serialization.
 JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider.findValueSerializer(Class<?> type)
 JsonSerializer<Object> ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap.get(Class<?> clz)
 JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider.getKeySerializer()
 JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider.getNullKeySerializer()
 JsonSerializer<?> BasicSerializerFactory.getNullSerializer()
 JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider.getNullValueSerializer()
protected  JsonSerializer<Object> BeanPropertyWriter.getSerializer()
 JsonSerializer<Object> StdSerializerProvider.getUnknownTypeSerializer(Class<?> unknownType)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type JsonSerializer
 Collection<Map.Entry<Class<?>,JsonSerializer<?>>> JdkSerializers.provide()
          Method called by BasicSerializerFactory to access all serializers this class provides.

Methods in with parameters of type JsonSerializer
protected  BeanPropertyWriter PropertyBuilder._buildProperty(String name, JsonSerializer<Object> ser, boolean defaultUseStaticTyping, Annotated a, Method m, Field f)
<T> void
CustomSerializerFactory.addGenericMapping(Class<? extends T> type, JsonSerializer<T> ser)
          Method used to add a generic (transitive) mapping from specified class or its sub-classes into a serializer.
 void SerializerCache.addSerializer(Class<?> type, JsonSerializer<Object> ser)
          Method called if none of lookups succeeded, and caller had to construct a serializer.
<T> void
CustomSerializerFactory.addSpecificMapping(Class<? extends T> forClass, JsonSerializer<T> ser)
          Method used to add a mapping from specific type -- and only that type -- to specified serializer.
 BeanPropertyWriter PropertyBuilder.buildProperty(String name, JsonSerializer<Object> ser, AnnotatedField af, boolean defaultUseStaticTyping)
          Factory method for constructor a BeanPropertyWriter that uses specified method as the accessors.
 BeanPropertyWriter PropertyBuilder.buildProperty(String name, JsonSerializer<Object> ser, AnnotatedMethod am, boolean defaultUseStaticTyping)
          Factory method for constructor a BeanPropertyWriter that uses specified method as the accessors.
 void CustomSerializerFactory.setEnumSerializer(JsonSerializer<?> enumSer)
          Method that can be used to force specified serializer to be used for serializing all Enum instances.
 void StdSerializerProvider.setKeySerializer(JsonSerializer<Object> ks)
 void StdSerializerProvider.setNullKeySerializer(JsonSerializer<Object> nks)
 void StdSerializerProvider.setNullValueSerializer(JsonSerializer<Object> nvs)
 BeanPropertyWriter BeanPropertyWriter.withSerializer(JsonSerializer<Object> ser)
          Method that will construct and return a new writer that has same properties as this writer, but uses specified serializer instead of currently configured one (if any).

Method parameters in with type arguments of type JsonSerializer
static ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap.from(HashMap<ClassKey,JsonSerializer<Object>> src)
          Factory method for creating the "blueprint" lookup map.

Constructors in with parameters of type JsonSerializer
BeanPropertyWriter(String name, JsonSerializer<Object> ser, Class<?> serType, Method acc, Field f, boolean suppressNulls, Object suppressableValue)
JsonValueSerializer(Method valueMethod, JsonSerializer<Object> ser)

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Subclasses of JsonSerializer in org.codehaus.jackson.xc
 class DataHandlerJsonSerializer
 class XmlAdapterJsonSerializer

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson.xc that return JsonSerializer
 JsonSerializer<?> JaxbAnnotationIntrospector.findSerializer(Annotated am)