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Packages that use CharsToNameCanonicalizer
org.codehaus.jackson Main public API classes of the core streaming JSON processor: most importantly JsonFactory used for constructing Json parser (JsonParser) and generator (JsonParser) instances. 
org.codehaus.jackson.impl Parser and generator implementation classes that Jackson defines and uses. 
org.codehaus.jackson.sym Internal implementation classes for efficient handling of of symbols in JSON (field names in Objects) 

Uses of CharsToNameCanonicalizer in org.codehaus.jackson

Fields in org.codehaus.jackson declared as CharsToNameCanonicalizer
protected  CharsToNameCanonicalizer JsonFactory._rootCharSymbols
          Each factory comes equipped with a shared root symbol table.

Uses of CharsToNameCanonicalizer in org.codehaus.jackson.impl

Fields in org.codehaus.jackson.impl declared as CharsToNameCanonicalizer
protected  CharsToNameCanonicalizer ReaderBasedParser._symbols

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson.impl with parameters of type CharsToNameCanonicalizer
 JsonParser ByteSourceBootstrapper.constructParser(int features, ObjectCodec codec, BytesToNameCanonicalizer rootByteSymbols, CharsToNameCanonicalizer rootCharSymbols)

Constructors in org.codehaus.jackson.impl with parameters of type CharsToNameCanonicalizer
ReaderBasedParser(IOContext ioCtxt, int features, Reader r, ObjectCodec codec, CharsToNameCanonicalizer st)

Uses of CharsToNameCanonicalizer in org.codehaus.jackson.sym

Fields in org.codehaus.jackson.sym declared as CharsToNameCanonicalizer
protected  CharsToNameCanonicalizer CharsToNameCanonicalizer._parent
          Sharing of learnt symbols is done by optional linking of symbol table instances with their parents.

Methods in org.codehaus.jackson.sym that return CharsToNameCanonicalizer
static CharsToNameCanonicalizer CharsToNameCanonicalizer.createRoot(boolean intern)
 CharsToNameCanonicalizer CharsToNameCanonicalizer.makeChild(boolean intern)
          "Factory" method; will create a new child instance of this symbol table.