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org.codehaus.jackson.node Contains concrete JsonNode implementations Jackson uses for the Tree model. 

Uses of ValueNode in org.codehaus.jackson.node

Subclasses of ValueNode in org.codehaus.jackson.node
 class BigIntegerNode
          Numeric node that contains simple 64-bit integer values.
 class BinaryNode
          Value node that contains Base64 encoded binary value, which will be output and stored as Json String value.
 class BooleanNode
          This concrete value class is used to contain boolean (true / false) values.
 class DecimalNode
          Numeric node that contains values that do not fit in simple integer (int, long) or floating point (double) values.
 class DoubleNode
          Numeric node that contains 64-bit ("double precision") floating point values simple 32-bit integer values.
 class IntNode
          Numeric node that contains simple 32-bit integer values.
 class LongNode
          Numeric node that contains simple 64-bit integer values.
 class NullNode
          This singleton value class is used to contain explicit JSON null value.
 class NumericNode
          Intermediate value node used for numeric nodes.
 class POJONode
          Value node that contains a wrapped POJO, to be serialized as a Json constructed through data mapping (usually done by calling ObjectMapper).
 class TextNode
          Value node that contains a text value.