Class ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap

  extended by

public final class ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap
extends Object

Optimized lookup table for accessing JsonSerializer instances keyed by Class. Initially this just uses a regular HashMap, could optimize later on if need be

Method Summary
static ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap from(HashMap<ClassKey,JsonSerializer<Object>> src)
          Factory method for creating the "blueprint" lookup map.
 JsonSerializer<Object> get(Class<?> clz)
 ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap instance()
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Method Detail


public ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap instance()


public static ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMap from(HashMap<ClassKey,JsonSerializer<Object>> src)
Factory method for creating the "blueprint" lookup map. Such map can not be used as is but just shared: to get an actual usable instance, instance() has to be called first.


public JsonSerializer<Object> get(Class<?> clz)