Uses of Class

Packages that use SettableAnyProperty Contains implementation classes of deserialization part of data binding. 

Uses of SettableAnyProperty in

Fields in declared as SettableAnyProperty
protected  SettableAnyProperty BeanDeserializer._anySetter
          Fallback setter used for handling any properties that are not mapped to regular setters.

Methods in that return SettableAnyProperty
protected  SettableAnyProperty BeanDeserializerFactory.constructAnySetter(DeserializationConfig config, AnnotatedMethod am)
          Method called to construct fallback SettableAnyProperty for handling unknown bean properties, given a method that has been designated as such setter.

Methods in with parameters of type SettableAnyProperty
 void PropertyValueBuffer.bufferAnyProperty(SettableAnyProperty prop, String propName, Object value)
 void BeanDeserializer.setAnySetter(SettableAnyProperty s)