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org.codehaus.jackson Main public API classes of the core streaming JSON processor: most importantly JsonFactory used for constructing Json parser (JsonParser) and generator (JsonParser) instances. This package contains I/O helper classes Jackson itself uses, but that are not exposed for external reuse. 
org.codehaus.jackson.util Utility classes used by Jackson Core functionality. 

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Methods in org.codehaus.jackson that return BufferRecycler
protected  BufferRecycler JsonFactory._getBufferRecycler()
          Method used by factory to create buffer recycler instances for parsers and generators.

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Constructors in with parameters of type BufferRecycler
IOContext(BufferRecycler br, Object sourceRef, boolean managedResource)

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Constructors in org.codehaus.jackson.util with parameters of type BufferRecycler
TextBuffer(BufferRecycler allocator)