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Packages that use SchemaAware Contains implementation classes of serialization part of data binding. 
org.codehaus.jackson.xc Package that contains Xml Compatibility functionality for Jackson. 

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Classes in that implement SchemaAware
static class ArraySerializers.BooleanArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.ByteArraySerializer
          Unlike other integral number array serializers, we do not just print out byte values as numbers.
static class ArraySerializers.CharArraySerializer
          Character arrays are different from other integral number arrays in that they are most likely to be textual data, and should be written as Strings, not arrays of entries.
static class ArraySerializers.DoubleArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.FloatArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.IntArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.LongArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.ObjectArraySerializer
          Generic serializer for Object arrays (Object[]).
static class ArraySerializers.ShortArraySerializer
static class ArraySerializers.StringArraySerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.BooleanSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.CalendarSerializer
          For time values we should use timestamp, since that is about the only thing that can be reliably converted between date-based objects and json.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.ClassSerializer
          Also: default bean access will not do much good with Class.class.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.DoubleSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.EnumSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.FloatSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.IntegerSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.IntLikeSerializer
          Similar to BasicSerializerFactory.IntegerSerializer, but will not cast to Integer: instead, cast is to Number, and conversion is by calling Number.intValue().
static class BasicSerializerFactory.LongSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.NullSerializer
          To allow for special handling for null values (in Objects, Arrays, root-level), handling for nulls is done via serializers too.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.NumberSerializer
          As a fallback, we may need to use this serializer for other types of Numbers (custom types).
static class BasicSerializerFactory.SerializableSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.SqlDateSerializer
          Compared to regular BasicSerializerFactory.UtilDateSerializer, we do use String representation here.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.SqlTimeSerializer
static class BasicSerializerFactory.StringLikeSerializer<T>
          Deprecated. Use ToStringSerializer instead (stand-along class, more accurate name)
static class BasicSerializerFactory.StringSerializer
          This is the special serializer for regular Strings.
static class BasicSerializerFactory.UtilDateSerializer
          For efficiency, we will serialize Dates as longs, instead of potentially more readable Strings.
 class BeanSerializer
          Serializer class that can serialize arbitrary bean objects.
static class ContainerSerializers.CollectionSerializer
          Fallback serializer for cases where Collection is not known to be of type for which more specializer serializer exists (such as index-accessible List).
static class ContainerSerializers.EnumMapSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.EnumSetSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.IndexedListSerializer
          This is an optimizied serializer for Lists that can be efficiently traversed by index (as opposed to others, such as LinkedList that can not}.
static class ContainerSerializers.IterableSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.IteratorSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.MapSerializer
 class JsonValueSerializer
          Serializer class that can serialize Object that have a JsonValue annotation to indicate that serialization should be done by calling the method annotated, and serializing result it returns.
 class SerializerBase<T>
          Base class used by all standard serializers.
 class StdKeySerializer
          Specialized serializer that can be used as the generic key serializer, when serializing Maps to Json Objects.
 class ToStringSerializer
          Simple general purpose serializer, useful for any type for which Object.toString() returns the desired Json value.

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Classes in org.codehaus.jackson.xc that implement SchemaAware
 class XmlAdapterJsonSerializer