Class ContainerSerializers

  extended by

public final class ContainerSerializers
extends java.lang.Object

Dummy container class to group standard container serializers: serializers that can serialize things like Lists, Maps and such.

TODO: as per [JACKSON-55], should try to add path info for all serializers; is still missing those for some container types.

Nested Class Summary
static class ContainerSerializers.CollectionSerializer
          Fallback serializer for cases where Collection is not known to be of type for which more specializer serializer exists (such as index-accessible List).
static class ContainerSerializers.EnumMapSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.EnumSetSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.IndexedListSerializer
          This is an optimizied serializer for Lists that can be efficiently traversed by index (as opposed to others, such as LinkedList that can not}.
static class ContainerSerializers.IterableSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.IteratorSerializer
static class ContainerSerializers.MapSerializer
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