Annotation Type JsonValue

public @interface JsonValue

Marker annotation similar to javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlValue that indicates that results of the annotated "getter" method (which means signature must be that of getters; non-void return type, no args) is to be used as the single value to serialize for the instance. Usually value will be of a simple scalar type (String or Number), but it can be any serializable type (Collection, Map or Bean).

At most one method of a Class can be annotated with this annotation; if more than one is found, an exception may be thrown. Also, if method signature is not compatible with Getters, an exception may be thrown. Whether exception is thrown or not is an implementation detail (due to filtering during introspection, some annotations may be skipped) and applications should not rely on specific behavior.

A typical use case is that of annotating toString() method so that returned String value is Object's Json serialization.

Boolean argument is only used so that sub-classes can "disable" annotation if necessary.

Optional Element Summary
 boolean value
          Optional argument that defines whether this annotation is active or not.


public abstract boolean value
Optional argument that defines whether this annotation is active or not. The only use for value 'false' if for overriding purposes Mostly it may be necessary when used with "mix-in annotations" (aka "annotation overrides"). For most cases, however, default value of "true" is just fine and should be omitted.